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Get Ahead in the Cloud • 3 PATTERNS OF CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE USAGE AMONG ISVS GLG's research indicated that ISVs use cloud infrastructure services for a variety of purposes, both to support their internal operations and to provide products and services to their customers. • 93% use cloud infrastructure for storing data associated with their revenue-generating products and services • 89% conduct key product development activities using cloud infrastructure • 84% use cloud infrastructure as their primary means of deploying and operating their revenue- generating products and services Respondents further indicated that they used a broad range of cloud services, to support both their revenue- generating products and their internal business operations: Use of Cloud Infrastructure Services (% Selecting Among Total Respondents, Listed in Descending Order by Current Use) Cloud storage 95% Virtual computing environments 85% 10% Cloud database services 83% Analytics 83% API management 80% Serverless compute functions Content delivery 77% User authentication and management 76% Virtual networking 69% Application catalogs 59% Messaging and queuing 55% Device simulation 52% Currently using Not currently using, but plan to in next 1-3 years Not using 9% 8% 10% 7% 11% 9% 77% 11% 12% 16% 7% 21% 16% 15% 22% 19% 27% 18% 17% 31% In selecting a cloud service provider, ISVs largely prioritize service reliability, security, and support for developers.

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