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Get Ahead in the Cloud • 1 B R I G H T PA P E R Get Ahead in the Cloud EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In today's SaaS and platform-driven marketplace, independent software vendors (ISVs) increasingly depend on cloud technology infrastructure to develop and deploy their revenue-generating products and services. To find out more about the current landscape, GLG conducted a survey of 100 IT and business decision makers at ISVs. This panel indicated that their organizations saw improvements in key metrics stemming from their adoption of AWS for the development and deployment of their products and services. Findings included: • Cost per transaction decreased by 18% • Productivity of individual developers increased by 32% • Cost of customer acquisition decreased by 15% • Frequency of security incidents decreased by 22% • Time required to develop new product features decreased by 17% The Business Value of AWS for ISVs 18% lower cost per transaction Migrating to cloud infrastructure resulted in: 32% higher developer productivity 15% lower cost per transaction ABOUT THE RESEARCH In September 2022, GLG conducted an online survey of 100 full-time ISV professionals in IT, product development or operations roles in the United States. Survey respondents had decision-making authority over the selection of cloud infrastructure services with at least 60% of their current cloud services provided by AWS. GLG conducted this research to understand the business value realized by ISV's adoption of AWS services. The key goals were to: • Identify the areas of business performance impacted by cloud infrastructure • Quantify the improvement to KPIs • Understand the strategies that successful companies used to achieve these improvements The figures below indicate respondents' level of seniority, their companies' estimated annual revenue, and types of software produced. The length of time on AWS differed among the 100 professionals we surveyed. Seventy percent of respondents migrated from on-premises environments to cloud infrastructure and were asked to compare their business metrics before and after that migration, while 30% of our respondents' companies were "born on the cloud" and were asked to provide comparisons between their metrics today versus five years

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