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take our Getting Started with AWS Game Tech self- paced online tutorial. This course introduces AWS Game Tech services for business decision makers and developers who work on games. You'll learn which workloads are supported by various AWS services and discover the value that the AWS Cloud brings to game developers. If you register to access The Digital Download on-demand content, you can also find our session, Introduction to AWS for game development, under the Fundamentals section. If you're new to the cloud, 11 Get started 5.0 Once you have the foundational knowledge, choose a learning path from our training site that fits your role. If you're a game developer, take the compute path. If you're a data engineer or analyst, take the analytics path. Maybe you're a solutions architect or wear multiple hats. In that case, choose either path to learn how to design a solution and ensure that data-driven insights are used to improve the gameplay experience. Once you have a well-rounded understanding of the AWS Cloud offerings, begin planning your migration path. The AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART) helps game studios of all sizes develop a plan for cloud migration and adoption. You'll answer 16 questions to generate a downloadable report that rates your cloud adoption readiness across areas of business, people, process, platform, operations, and security. With the AWS Pricing Calculator, you can explore AWS services and estimate costs based on your use cases. This allows you to model your solutions before building them, explore the pricing and calculations behind your estimate, and find available instance types and contract terms that meet your needs. Plan your AWS costs and usage or determine the cost of setting up a new set of instances and services to help you make informed decisions about using AWS. Remember that migration doesn't require moving all existing workloads. Moving specific workloads to the cloud is a great way to get started. Once you're ready to migrate existing game workloads to the cloud, you can begin the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). If you're ready to talk to us about building your game on AWS, complete this short registration form. A member of the AWS Game Tech team will contact you to discuss your requirements and AWS Support options.

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